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We pride ourselves on the one to one service clients receive by using our company. We are directly regulated  for both Financial Planning and investment Advice. The services we offer and the testimony of our clients confirm that we are delivering what we set out to achieve.



Internal Audit

Finance is a very different world from what it was just a few years ago. Today finance functions have to look at how the whole of the organization – and beyond – impacts the bottom line.


We're inspired to ask better questions. And we work with you to create more innovative answers, collaborating across the organization, helping you improve finance and accounting processes and delivering the technology to help make it happen.


Our global connectivity means we can combine deep operational consulting capability with industry-specific leading practices.This ongoing collaboration means, together, we can support better outcomes and long-lasting results.

Investment advice

Given the variety of investment options available today, we suggest investors seek guidance from a Financial Adviser. Nearly every investment entails special risks that should be discussed with an experienced professional. Each investor's goals are unique and proper guidance toward the most suitable products is essential.


With our expert financial team we can save you time, plus provide the expertise and objectivity needed to help you achieve your financial goals.


There are numerous reasons why people seek advice from a financial professional.


Researching the potential risks and rewards of a variety of investments.

Monitoring and managing your investments.

Planning to achieve your financial objectives.

Reduce your paperwork.

Clients know that strategy becomes pointless without swift, agile execution. It's the actual doing, the execution fastened to the thinking, that benefits you the most.


Our Advisors believes a better working world means addressing big, complex industry issues to deliver outcomes that grow, optimize and protect our clients' businesses. We work with you to turn thinking into execution; to accelerate profitable innovation and digital ecosystems; deliver breakthrough innovation strategies; optimize organizations' capabilities; and help drive growth and manage risk.


Our diverse teams, combined with our global connectivity and understanding of your industry issues, inspire us to ask better questions. We then create innovative answers. Together, we deliver better outcomes and long-lasting results, from strategy to execution.


As a leading provider of integrated risk management and regulatory services to the banking and capital markets, insurance, asset management, energy and corporate treasure sectors, we can help you tackle the numerous challenges of risk management.

Our understanding of the issues around risk – the risks you can see as well as the ones you can't – inspires us to ask better questions. By teaming globally with you we create innovative answers that can help you see risk management as a means to accelerate your performance.

Together, we help you deliver better outcomes and long-lasting results, from strategy to execution.


Organizations must identify, assess and address emerging risks without losing sight of their existing business and control environment. They are not only working to get ahead of the curve - often they are struggling to keep up – and not always succeeding.


Management, audit committees and boards of directors rely on internal audit (IA) to provide assessments and assurance around the effectiveness of controls and company processes, while also providing support in a diverse array of risk and business process improvement areas.


Our services can help clients strategically assess, remediate and improve control issues identified, while also elevating the profile of internal audit in identifying and addressing complex emerging risk areas.

Risk Assurance

Risk Assurance covers all risk services where JGO is providing independent assurance and the preparation towards assurance to our clients where the assurance can be used by our clients to build confidence and trust with their customers, the general market/public, key stakeholders or when regulatory (by law or oversight) or contractually required.


We can help with:

Working with Audit professionals to help create trust and confidence in their financial reporting and internal control over financial reporting

Business growth, by providing assurance to clients and other stakeholders related to internal controls

Business improvement, by assessing risks and controls related to business imperatives, such as launching new products/services, implementing new technologies or remediating control issues

Providing industry/sector insights and thought leadership with a focus on risk and control matters


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