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Strategic Resources

Think JGO Consulting before deciding on moving your business to the next level.



Whether driven by regulators, investors, rating agencies or internal stakeholders, the capital requirements of insurers are numerous and complex.

Financial Reporting

It is crucial for companies to understand the micro and macro effects of new reporting requirements, the importance of reported figures, the wider implications for strategy, operations and how to communicate new management targets to shareholders.

Company Health

Against the backdrop of rising costs, aging populations, stressed infrastructure, constrained resources and shifting regulations,  companies must develop new offerings and find new ways to operate.


Business thinking out of the box.



We are a leading provider of integrated risk management and regulatory services


Internal Audit

The sheer velocity of change has upended the business environment and rearranged the landscape.


Risk Assurance

JGO provides independent assurance and the preparation towards assurance to our clients.



Our Clients know that strategy becomes pointless without swift, agile execution.


Investment Advice

Given the variety of investment options available today, We give investors  guidance from our Financial Advisors.



Major regulatory change. The rise of emerging markets.


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